Privacy Policy



Introduction. 1

Object of the Personal Data Policy. 2
Definition. 2
Why is personal data gathered? 2
Gathering and use of data. 3
Disclosure and publication of data. 3
Possibilities of editing and deleting personal data. 3
Access. 4
Changes to the Personal Data Policy. 4


1.1 When you register at our website under the domain name and thus enter into an agreement with Nexo Advertising LLC, dba Nexo Radio PO Box 4978 Santa Rosa Ca 95403, (hereinafter referred to as ”us/we”), we will gather some personal data about you.

1.2 The data which will be registered is:

1.2.1 Your first name and your last name, business address, email address, position, business and mobile telephone numbers, and which orders you and/or your business/employer might have placed with us.

1.2.2 Whether you have accepted our Terms of Use, including this Personal Data Policy [and whether you have accepted receipt of electronic newsletters and sales promotion material].

1.3 The data is kept non-encrypted and it is not transmitted in encrypted form either.

1.4 The personal data will solely be used for granting you access to the services that we provide, for execution of the orders you may place with us, for monitoring any possibilities of improvement of the services provided by us, and in compliance with the accounting legislation prescribing storage of your data for a period of five (5) years counted from your latest order placement.

1.5 Upon your request we must inform you which type of data that we are storing about you, the purpose of the processing, the parties that may receive your data and from where the data originates.


2.1 The object of our Personal Data Policy is to explain how we gather, protect and use data relating to a particular person.

2.2 This Personal Data Policy deals with our processing of personal data gathered about you as one of our customers.


3.1 ”Personal data” means information of any kind which can be used to identify you as a natural or legal person or which relates to you, including but not limited to your first name and your last name, your position, private address or other physical address, email address or other contact details, regardless of whether it relates to your private residence or your workplace, telephone numbers, pictorial material of you and information about your inquiries, orders, interests, focus areas, etc.


4.1 We need personal data in order to carry on our business, e.g. to be able to enter into agreements with customers, including by registration of our customers’ and thus your contact details (business address, email address, telephone numbers), your requests and inquiries, your position in the business that places the order, for delivery of products and services, and for administrative, promotional and technical purposes, including by registration of your personal interests, focus areas and whether you have consented to receive electronic newsletters and thus accepted this Personal Data Policy.

4.2 We gather personal data for the purposes specified in clause 4.1.

4.3 We undertake to gather personal data solely as necessary.


5.1 We gather personal data when you are registered with us as a customer.

5.2 We may also receive all kinds of personal data and other information about you from our business partners.

5.3 We automatically receive and register data in our server log from your browser, including e.g. cookies.

5.4 We solely store and register data about you received from cookies, provided that such storage and registration is necessary for transfer or communication through an electronic communication network, or if absolutely necessary to enable us to deliver our products and/or services to you.


6.1 We will not disclose or sell any personal data to third party.

6.2 However, if required, we will disclose your personal data to other companies or persons in the following cases:

6.2.1 If we have obtained your consent to do so;

6.2.2 If we have to share the data in order to be able to deliver the product or the service you have requested;

6.2.3 If we respond to writ of summons, court orders or other legal action;

6.2.4 If we discover that your actions when using our products and/or services are contrary to our Terms of Use and/or the law in force at any time;

6.2.5 If we are obliged to disclose the information pursuant to the law.

6.3 Notwithstanding the above, by accepting this Personal Data Policy (by accepting the Terms of Use) you expressly consent to our disclosure of your personal data to affiliated companies, provided that such companies do not use your personal data to any further extent than herein described.


7.1 Your personal data will solely be deleted or changed if you request us to do so when we estimate that we do not need the data or if it needs to be changed.

7.2 Notwithstanding clause 7.1., we are, however, pursuant to the accounting legislation obliged to store your personal data for minimum five (5) years from your latest order placement.

7.3 If you, at some point earlier than specified in clause 7.2, want to delete or change your personal data, you must contact us in writing.


8.1 You may at any time request us to inform you which specific data we have registered about you and for what purpose the data has been used.

8.2 Information is available by contacting: [email protected]


9.1 Storage of personal data is subject to California law.

9.2 We are free to amend this Personal Data Policy at any time.

9.3 Any changes to this Personal Data Policy will be published at our website under the domain name and will be effective from the date of publication – also as regards previously registered personal data