We maintain constant communication with you until we can neutralize a flow adapted to your needs for In Store Radio service from Nexo Radio. Our extent research before recording an audio is complemented by an extraordinary team of audio production. Not only do you get an excellent call to action message but an ad created specifically for In Store advertising..




In order to offer our services beyond creativity it takes talent. Our team before producing content for your business, do a thorough research on all social and local media to provide quality content. Its different to promote the price lemons and than giving an audience choices on what they can do with lemons.


Call to Action Messaging

As described, call to action ads. Our experience in the field of In Store Radio service, has given us the wisdom that the consumer is receptive to be guided on what to do. Its not enough to mention the product and the price of a product. If you guide a consumer to the section of the store where the product can be found, the benefits and convenience about the product they are bound to purchase it before they leave your establishment. The consumer wants to be informed and this is our profession, inform customers while they shop, they are in the waiting room or just visiting.