Easy Set Up

Our Streaming Units

The design of our Nexo Radio Unit (NRU) is simple. No need to purchase additional equipment. We adapt to your existing audio system so you can benefit from new technology. The NRU is pre-programmed with your own customized music and advertising once installed. As demonstrated there are three components to power up the NRU:

• Ethernet Cable
• Power Source



Additional Accessories

The majority of business audio devices have an auxiliary or RCA input. We will provide accessories to adapt our NRU to your business audio device. Full functionality with no buttons. That is our Nexo Radio Unit in a nutshell. The NRU is equipped with an SD card to play completely off-line in case of internet failure.



Our NRU is loaded with a 1.5MB buffer capacity that guarantees operational reliability, even if there are hiccups in the connection. This creates a solution that is unique in the market; a streaming audio player that offers the optimum combination of simple and reliable. NRU works fully autonomously: if a power failure occurs, the system restarts and reconnects to the network fully automatically.