NET30 by Nexo Radio

Effective Advertising

Having a strong community impact and being promoted in different businesses to yours has its advantages. Nexo Radio has established itself as the first service of In Store Radio to connect businesses via a network and provide radio style programming with the same impact that local radio station has, but at a fraction of the cost. A powerful quote that says “A united front is stronger” and that’s exactly what NET30 from Nexo Radio strengthens. Not only do you benefit from choosing your preferred music genre but opens the door for other businesses that don’t compete with yours or solicit in your business and you do the same.




The customer base of every business is different. Therefore promoting your business to new a non competitive business expands the reach of your products and services. We all know that a referred customer has double value. And being part of a business network that promotes internally and exclusive where competition is absent has great advantages.


You Decide

We understand and respect the beliefs of all business. So if for any reason or circumstance you refrain to allow any business to be promoted within your building, do not worry! We seek somehow to accommodate your requests. This is a closed circuit network so you decide whether to participate in NET30 Nexo Radio or just solely and exclusively promote your products and services